DSC3528The Australian Gulf Savannah occupies about a quarter of the continent — around 1.9 million square kilometres! Spanning 19 different bio-regions across 2 mainland states and 1 territory, the tropical savannahs might at first glance be seen to be a vast and empty land.

On closer inspection the Gulf Savannah region is dotted with unique geological formations and features that make up one of the most unique landscapes in the world, attracting visitors, film makers and artists from far and wide. Drawn to the region by its immense beauty and clear light, they find inspiration around every corner. The Gulf Savannah region contains a wealth of things to see and do whether you are on the road for a day, week, month or even a year.

Savannah Guides are your experts. These protectors and interpreters of the outback will enrich your visitor experience, leaving you in awe of the beauty and story of this land through which you pass. There are Savannah Guide Sites and Stations throughout the Gulf Savannah region, each offering a unique visitor experience.

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